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About us

PBM Kabel is a company located in Enköping/Sweden and was founded in autumn 1997.
We can provide you cables and systems such as wiring up, where our cables are included, is the company’s core. We have over twenty five years of knowledge about cables. Thanks to our lean organization and low overhead, we can give you/our customers competitive costs and close contact with us.
In our warehouse you can find a wide range of cables, from simple insulated PVC cable up to advanced hightemperature cables (1200 oC). If something is missing in our selection we will of course arrange this at attractive conditions. Our cables are approved and safe for use.
We can cable.
We work with cables that have the following insulating materials: PVC, rubber, PUR,TPE, Silicone (Silicon Rubber), fluorocarbons ex. Teflon PTFE, Fiberglass, CeramicFiber and irradiated polyolefin, and more. We can also irradiate the main part of our cables to give them much better properties then standard.
A small selection of what kind of cables we are working with: Installation Cable, Electronic Cable, Network Cable, Coaxial Cable, Cables for machinery, Spark Plug Wire, Compensation Cable, Dragchain Cable, Robotic Cable, Heat resistant cable, Halogen free wires and cables.
In short, we can offer you everything from pure standard to customized and specialized solutions. Nothing will be impossible for us at PBM Kabel, but we work hard for you to become a happy and satisfied customer. We hope to become your local cable provider.
Thank you for your interest regarding PBM Kabel and our services and products. For questions please contact us.
We hope to soon hear from you.